Digital Lending Application - LoanFront

(A) DLA LoanFront
(B) LSP - Company Name Vaibhav Vyapaar Private Limited (VVPL)
(C) GRO Name Satya Mallidi
(D) Designation Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO)
(E) Contact Number +91 6366828598
(F) Address No. 1, Ground Floor, Old Airport Road, Domlur Layout, Near Domlur Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071
(G) Website
(H) Google Playstore
(I) Privacy Policy
(J) Terms & Conditions
(K) Grievance Redressal Policy
(L) Products Offered
(M) Company Website
(M) RBI Sachet Portal

Activities Authorized by Bhawana Capital Private Limited

• Assisting in marketing
• Assisting in sourcing customers
• Assisting in sourcing and collection of documents
• Assisting in background checking, pre-assessment & fraud assessment
• Assisting in performing Know Your Customer (KYC)
• Assisting in recovery and collection
• Assisting in providing customer support
• Assisting in resolving grievances

For the details on Collection Agencies for the loans originated via the LoanFront digital application, please click Here

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